The Future of Money

Oliver Mudambo
3 min readAug 14, 2019



Is bitcoin the future for money? Will there be a one-world currency as a few economists speculate it? A one-world order seems to be cooking underground with speculation of one coin, one religion, and one government. However, what will the future of money be? They say if you want to control people, then manage their money. Yes, indeed, this is true. For many centuries, money has evolved through the ages. Money is the most important invention of our time. It has undergone a whole historical evolution process. There are days when people could exchange goods for goods or goods for service. In the current age, there exists invisible currency, and this could be the future of money. However, whichever way the future beholds no one ever hates money. Money is good, but too much love of money is the root cause of all evil in our society today.

In the modern technology era, everyone is out to make money. The focus has now shifted to making money online as it seems to contain unlimited market and opportunities. In fact, in today’s era, if you are not making using Facebook, Google, or YouTube, you are considered to be wasting resources. Forex trading is now spreading like bushfire. Forex is the kind of currency trading which is decentralized, and all world currencies trade on it. Investors and entrepreneurs are now shifting gears to online stock markets. Cryptocurrency has now become the talk all over the world. The trading in Cryptocurrency goes up to 5.3trillion US dollars traded on a single day. This kind of trading has become a concern to all governments. Something interesting is that there is no central bank or place that can control this type of currency. However, the question remains, could this be the future of money?

If there is to be a one-world order someday to come, then it is possible to have a one-world currency. The invisible currency has no counterfeit as the paper money can. Its security is also guaranteed. Many countries all over the world are trading in Cryptocurrency which is convertible to the local fiat money. Drawing reference from the holy manuscripts, it is said that a one-world leader would appear in the tribulation period. If this anything to go by, then you can be sure that there will also be a one-world religious leader and one currency. We have also seen in the past, the development in technology where man is slowly becoming an electronic counterpart. The invention of the microchip, which contains all your information and can allow you to trade without physical currency, is also something to be grasped. Something seems to be cooking, and when the fullness of times arrives, the world will be shocked.

The world governments and banks are still in debate on what the future of money will be. You can tell that soon and very soon there will be a revelation. God made money, but money made man mad.